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CreativeWave: Business is EPIC


Written by: Andrew J. Allsbury


Zombie Janitors and the Complexities of Janitorial TV Marketing


Red Scarlet-X VS Canon C300 *UPDATE*

Recently a fellow Red Scarlet-X user named Sanjin Jukic purchased a Canon C300 in addition to his Scarlet. All in all he seems to be pretty happy with the C300's performance. However, he recently posted some side by side tests that show some of the Canon's weakneses when compared to the Red. Pay special attention to the colored moire on the building and the greenish sensor blooming on the water. Thank you to Sanjin for doing this test and posting the results on


Sharing the love: CreativeWave launches new equipment and crew service


The future is coming. Are your marketing videos ready?


This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, (CES) almost every major TV manufacturer introduced a prototype for a new ultra high definition television. This means high definition video and television (1080p/720p) is dying fast, and sooner rather than later, UHD (3k/4k) is going to take over displays and broadcasts. UHD is a huge leap forward for viewing detail and quality due to being four times the size of 1080p HD. This means big changes for businesses and who they hire to handle their video marketing.

Just a Splash of RED


All I have to say is "wow". After extensive testing/shooting with our new Red Scarlet-X Digital Cinema Camera we have come to the conclusion that it exceeds every one of our high expectations. This camera will absolutely change our work and every client’s project it touches. Below are just a few low res. examples of what this camera is capable of from a color standpoint. Enjoy, more is on the way!


A Simple Comparison: Red Scarlet-X VS Canon C300

I will start this simple comparison off by explaining that this is my opinion and my opinion ONLY. The features we are comparing are the features that were important to OUR company while choosing our next camera, which did end up being the Scarlet. I am sure their are many people who feel the C300 is being underrated, I personally believe that this camera is too little, too late and waaaay too expensive for what it is.

CreativeWave & BCF work with ESPN & American Family Insurance to Promote Athlete Tanner Mangum

In November CreativeWave completed a joint venture with Blue Chip Films for ESPN and American Family Insurance. The goal of the project was to highlight local high school athlete Tanner Mangum for his accomplishments on and off the field. The video was played leading up to the Under Armour All-American Game, which Tanner Mangum was chosen to play in. It was a fantastic project and we were honored to work with industry veteran Nick Verbitsky of Blue Chip Films.


Shooting Video in Bars, Nightclubs & Other Dark Crevices

By Andrew J. Allsbury

Owner & Creative Director (CreativeWave, Idaho)


A common question from bar and nightclub owners is, “how do we get such high quality footage in their dimly lit facilities”? The answer is fairly simple and revolves primarily around the camera’s sensor size, sensitivity and lens speed.


Sensor Size

Music & Marriage: The Difference Between Brilliance & Obscenity

By Andrew J. Allsbury (Owner & Creative Director, CreativeWave Idaho)

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