Our Team


Andrew J. Allsbury
Owner & Creative Director
CreativeWave, LLC.
Andrew is a veteran of the video production and advertising sectors. His first official endeavor into video production started in early 2000 with the founding of his first video production company at the age of 14. Andrew later attended Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California to study film under a number of notable film makers including Mark Steensland, the director of several films including “The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick” and “The Last Way Out”. In 2005 he found himself continuing his professional education in Boise, Idaho and since has called it his permanent home. After holding multiple creative management positions in the valley, Andrew’s passion for advertising and his vision to meet the local need for high end video production led him to start CreativeWave. Andrew lives with a “work hard, play hard” mentality enjoying various outdoor sports year-round including wakeboarding, snowboarding and off-roading.


Brian Hebert
Production Intern
CreativeWave, LLC.
Mike Weyer
Production Contractor
CreativeWave, LLC.
Jamie Shepard
Graphic Design Consultant
Owner of CounterSpace Creative
Amit Thakkar
3D Animation Consultant
Owner of Y-AXIS
Corey Smith
Web Marketing Guru
Owner of Tribute Media