RED Cinema Services

red scarlet-x

From the very beginning, the goal at CreativeWave has been to bring the ultimate in production quality to commercial clients at a price that every business can afford. In keeping with this mantra, we've acquired the industry leading digital cinema camera, the RED Epic-X. This camera has already brought you Hollywood blockbusters like The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit, The Social Network and The Amazing Spider-Man. By combining this imaging technology with CreativeWave’s already unparalleled dedication to quality and value, you are left with simply the highest quality commercial video production available in the state of Idaho and still at a price that will keep your marketing budget out of the red.


Reasons to go RED

The Future & Ultra High Definition
There is no longer any question regarding the approaching transition from high definition (720p/1080p), to ultra-high definition (4k/5k). The future is here and your marketing videos need to be ready. Those of us that can remember the painful transition from standard definition to high definition know that when the change happens, it happens fast and all footage shot in the outdated format quickly becomes obsolete. Future proofing your footage is a must for any serious business wishing to have usable videos going forward. In the meantime, with 1080p high definition still being the primary standard, the use of UHD in an HD world creates a staggering increase of quality over your competition, giving immediate value and commanding people’s attention. Do not miss out on this opportunity to easily set your business apart from your competition.
The Power of RAW
Most video cameras capture footage to compressed 8bit 4:2:0 formats such as MPEG4 or MPEG2. The RED Epic-X captures it’s footage in a proprietary 16bit 4:4:4 RAW format that is visually lossless, making for images with unparalleled quality and flexibility. This format is one of the key ingredients in CreativeWave's color grading and produce to "distribute everywhere" philosophy.
Sensor Size
Time and time again, studies have found that audiences always notice sensor size, even if they have no idea what sensor size means. To put it simply, the bigger the camera sensor, the more depth of field and light sensitivity can be achieved. The RED Epic-X utilizes a sensor with a similar size to the professional 35mm film cameras that have been used in production of major motion films for decades. This helps give your project the big budget look and feel right out of the gate.
Insane Dynamic Range
Dynamic range can simply be explained as a camera’s ability to capture a range from light to dark. Everyone at some point has tried to take a picture of someone in front of a bright window and quickly realized that the camera is incapable of capturing an image that the human eye so easily deals with. RED has turned this science on its head. Most cameras have a maximum dynamic range of 8-9 stops of light. The Epic-X cranks out an impressive 13.5 stops in its standard configuration and when utilizing RED’s HDRx technology, even dynamic range of 18+ stops becomes possible.
Wild Framerates & Slow Motion
Slow motion isn’t just for sports anymore. More and more we are seeing amazing cinematic slow motion making its way into advertising and promotional videos. With the capability to shoot cinema quality footage at up to 300 frames per second, the Epic-X is just what you need to make your next video stand out.